Donating to AVSA

  Donating to AVSA

You can financially help AVSA remain strong through your gift-giving. A number of opportunities are available to ensure that AVSA continues to prosper long into the future. If you wish to make a donation other than through this website, information is available in the African Violet Magazine or by contacting the AVSA office. The African Violet Society of America Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

 The AVSA Booster Fund
      Donations to the Booster Fund are used for general support of the AVSA.

 to the AVSA Booster Fund

The AVSA Building Maintenance Fund
      This fund is for maintaining the building that houses the AVSA business office.

  to the AVSA Building Maintenance Fund

The Boyce Edens Research Fund
      Monies from this fund are used to provide scholarship awards for college students who are studying horticulture, and for research grants.  Mr. Boyce Edens was a founder of AVSA and its first Treasurer.

   to the Boyce Edens Research Fund

The Anne and Frank Tinari Endowment Fund
      This fund was established for the long-term financial stability of AVSA.  Donations go into a principal fund which generates income that is used for AVSA support.  This fund is named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Tinari, who were commercial growers and hybridizers of African violets.  They were avid promoters of AVSA since its inception and each served as President of the Society.

Donors also have the opportunity to designate the Tinari Fund as a beneficiary of their estate. For more information on these types of gifts, see the Tinari Endowment and Legacy Society information page.

  to the Tinari Endowment Fund

The Legacy Society is an honorary recognition of generous donors to the Tinari Fund.  For more information, see the Tinari Endowment and Legacy Society information page.


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