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African Violet Magazine Contents by Year

Author Month Page
"And the winners are…" Mary Corondan 2018 Jan-Feb 26
"Timeless Violets" Winston J. Goretsky 2018 Jan-Feb 16
5 Director Nominations for 2018 2018 Jan-Feb 4
A Convention to Remember: Part 2 Kurt Jablonski 2018 Jan-Feb 36
A Family Portrait - Streptocarpus 'Dale's Ring of Fire' Mel Grice 2018 Jan-Feb 43
A Tale of Two Cities Penny Wichman 2018 Jan-Feb 27
Additional Awards: 2018 AVSA/AVSC Convention Show Awards Debbie McInnis 2018 Jan-Feb 11
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment Fund Janet Riemer 2018 Jan-Feb 19
Are You Starving Your African Violets? Nancy Robitaille 2018 Jan-Feb 54
Are Your Crowns Rotted? Pat Hancock 2018 Jan-Feb 52
AVSA Affiliate Update Jeri Anderson 2018 Jan-Feb 38
AVSA Booster Fund Dianna Walston 2018 Jan-Feb 31
AVSA Building Fund Susan Hapner 2018 Jan-Feb 27
AVSA History - and Those Back Issues Richard Nicholas 2018 Jan-Feb 35
Bees do it - so can you!!! Pat Hancock 2018 Jan-Feb 30
Boyce Edens Research Fund Karen Broadway 2018 Jan-Feb 13
Coming Events 2018 Jan-Feb 20
Conventional Survival Kit-How to Save Leaves and Cuttings to give them a Great Start in Life Lynda C. Welchel 2018 Jan-Feb 44
Final checklist for Show Plants "The Violeteer" 2018 Jan-Feb 6
First Class Here and There David Kesler 2018 Jan-Feb 12
Gifting Violets to Family and Friends Marie Montague 2018 Jan-Feb 37
Grooming Guidelines Geraldine Silva 2018 Jan-Feb 57
Growing for Green Dr. Minh Bui 2018 Jan-Feb 34
If I Can Make a Huge Comeback, So Can You! Wayne Geeslin 2018 Jan-Feb 23
In Memory 2018 Jan-Feb 29
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2018 Jan-Feb 8
Judging - By the Book Pat Hancock 2018 Jan-Feb 46
LED Grow Lights have now Excelled Fluorescent Lamps Neil Lipson 2018 Jan-Feb 40
More Is Better Sally Coady 2018 Jan-Feb 28
President's Message Richard Nicholas 2018 Jan-Feb 3
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2018 Jan-Feb 10
Second Vice President's Committees 2018 Jan-Feb 50
The Violet Network Jennie Lawrence 2018 Jan-Feb 7
Time to Apply for the AVSA College Scholarship Charles Ramser 2018 Jan-Feb 60
Venture Out Beyond The Adams Mark Hotel 2018 Jan-Feb 14
Wicks & Wicking Action George B. Starr 2018 Jan-Feb 51

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