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African Violet Magazine Contents by Year

Author Month Page
March2014idxfeed 2014
A Beginner's Journey with 'Rob's Love Bite' Jeannie M. Myers 2014 January 24
A Familly Portrait: Streptocarpus 'Purple Panda' Georgene Albrecht 2014 January 15
AVSA Scholarship Charles Ramser 2014 January 9
Controlling the Amount of Variegation Kent and Joyce Stork 2014 January 60
Do Your African Violets Have Droopy Leaves? Ruth Coulson 2014 January 34
Foliar Feeding Baby Plantlets Nancy Manozzi 2014 January 18
For Beginners: Making Order out of the Chaos that has Invaded Your Violet Collection Mary Schaeffer 2014 January 42
Growing and Transportation of a Large Show Plant Paul Lee 2014 January 10
How Did the 'Wasp' African Violet Varieties Begin? Tina Moreno 2014 January 44
Identifying Problems in Your Growing Conditions Doug Burdick 2014 January 47
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2014 January 8
Propagating African Violets Carie Nixon 2014 January 30
Question Box: Ralph Robinson 2014 January 38
Regional Preferences: Fact or Fiction? Paul Kroll 2014 January 12
Shows and Judges: Handbook Changes Bill Foster 2014 January 31
Small Talk Laurel Goretsky 2014 January 27
Sucker Removal Kent and Joyce Stork 2014 January 46
Technically Speaking…or Not: The Trials and Tribulations of the New Grower Neil Lipson 2014 January 16
Temperature Regulation in Growing African Violets Neil Lipson 2014 January 58
The "Perfect" Bloom Head! Elmer Godeny 2014 January 52
Water Quality Sharon Rosenzweig 2014 January 26
A Family Portrait: Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett' Mel Grice 2014 March 11
A Trip To The Holtkamp Greenhouses of Isselburg, Germany Julie Jones 2014 March 54
Affiliates Update Mel Grice 2014 March 39
AVSA Society Awards Nominees Needed Marge Savage 2014 March 36
Easy, Inexpensive Plant Stakes Danny Tidwell 2014 March 16
Fluorescent Lighting Joyce Stork 2014 March 10
For Beginners: Spots, Marks and Freckles Cheryl Salatino 2014 March 28
Grooming As You Grow…From Birth to Show Pat Hancock 2014 March 48
High-Voltage 'Violets,' Part 1 William Scheick 2014 March 24
How Do Self-Watering Pots Work? Joyce Stork 2014 March 49
Improving Your Point Score John Nabers 2014 March 57
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2014 March 6
Planting a Terrarium Jude Neumann 2014 March 30
Potting Mix and Roots Irene Hatzinisiriou 2014 March 47
Question Box Sue Haffner 2014 March 8
Saintpaulia Ancestry Project Hector Wong 2014 March 38
Tally Time Susan Anderson 2014 March 12
Technically Speaking…or Not Neil Lipson 2014 March 44
The African Violet Plant and Its Parts From AVSA Handbook for Growers, Exhibitors and Judges 2014 March 56
The Violet Network Jennie Lawrence 2014 March 27
Violets Down Memory Lane: What's in a Name? John Brownlie 2014 March 18
Wick Watering African Violets Ruth Coulson 2014 March 51

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