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"And the winners are…" Mary J. Corondan 2016 Jan-Feb 8
"What About Those Philly Girls?" Members of the AVS of Springfield, PA 2016 Jan-Feb 40
2016 AVSA Convention Awards Albuquerque, NM Convention Elmer Godeny 2016 Jan-Feb 30
A Family Portrait - Nautilocalyx Mel Grice 2016 Jan-Feb 17
A Worthwhile Contest Pat Hancock 2016 Jan-Feb 14
About African Violet Seeds and How We Produce Them Ronn Nadeau, Ph D 2016 Jan-Feb 32
Adventures in Lighting…Not for the Faint of Heart, or the Clumsy of Hand Sandi Mynatt 2016 Jan-Feb 19
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment Fund Janet Riemer 2016 Jan-Feb 34
AVSA 2016 Board Nominees 2016 Jan-Feb 46
AVSA Booster Fund Shirley Berger 2016 Jan-Feb 18
AVSA Building Maintenance Fund Susan Hapner 2016 Jan-Feb 53
Benefits of Cinnamon on Plants Lone Star AV Council Newsletter 2016 Jan-Feb 22
Boyce Edens Research Fund Marlene Buck 2016 Jan-Feb 13
Coming Events 2016 Jan-Feb 53
Definition of Chimeras Dr. Jeff Smitih 2016 Jan-Feb 16
Dramatic Effect of Fertilizer on Growth of Germinated African Violet Seedlings Ronn Nadeau, Ph D 2016 Jan-Feb 42
Editor's Notes Ruth Rumsey 2016 Jan-Feb 4
Foliar Feeding Maria Newhouse 2016 Jan-Feb 47
From the AVSA Website - FAQs- Blooming Joyce Stork 2016 Jan-Feb 60
Going to Your First Convention Candace Baldwin 2016 Jan-Feb 5
Growing Achimenes Thad Scaggs 2016 Jan-Feb 36
Growing Gesneriads From Seed Sue Hodges 2016 Jan-Feb 23
Growing Schedule for Show Richard Nicholas 2016 Jan-Feb 16
Growing Tips Wayne Tomczyk 2016 Jan-Feb 12
How I Grow Streptocarpus Holly Walker 2016 Jan-Feb 27
In Hot Water Laurene Jones 2016 Jan-Feb 18
In Memory 2016 Jan-Feb 18
In Search of New Violets Dr. Jeff Smith 2016 Jan-Feb 24
Keeping it Reasonable! Brett Flewelling 2016 Jan-Feb 12
Kent Stork's Method of Hitting Full Bloom on the Day of the Show Kent Stork 2016 Jan-Feb 54
Luncheon Auction Edna Rourke 2016 Jan-Feb 34
President's Message Winston Goretsky 2016 Jan-Feb 3
Q & A Early Morn AV Group Newsletter 2016 Jan-Feb 52
Question Box Sue Haffner 2016 Jan-Feb 38
Registration for Judging School for Students & Certificate Renewals at the Albuquerque Convention 2016 Jan-Feb 60
Registration Report Joe Bruns 2016 Jan-Feb 9
Shows and Judges Bill Foster 2016 Jan-Feb 13
Southwest Native American Silver Jewelry Ann L Jones 2016 Jan-Feb 50
Starting Leaves in Potting Mix Joyce Stork 2016 Jan-Feb 49
Tally Time 2015 Susan Anderson 2016 Jan-Feb 56
Technically Speaking…or Not Neil Lipson 2016 Jan-Feb 20
The Adventure of a Book: Part 2 Francine Pilon 2016 Jan-Feb 48
The Verbeau African Violet Club 2016 Jan-Feb 35
The Violet Network Jennie Lawrence 2016 Jan-Feb 26

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