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The listing below is interactive. Select a year and press "Apply" to see a listing of photos for that year.  Multiple years may be selected.  To select multiple years you can  hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the desired years.  To select all years, click on a single year then hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "A" .  Optionally add the first few letters of a plant or design name and the years you are searching and press "Apply".   

The photographic database only has a few recent years.  We need more volunteers to supply data for the missing years from earlier AVM issues.  This involves finding the printed photo index from earlier issues of the African Violet Magazine, usually the December issue, and typing the data into a spreadsheet.   If you would like to help, please send an email (or a spreadsheet for a missing year) to avm-index@avsa.org.


Thank you Terry Klemesrud for the 2013  - 2015 photo Indices.   Sue Hoffmann so nicely supplied us with photo indices for 1998 through 2008.   Obviously more are needed to complete the project.

Interactive Photo Index

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Plant or Design Name Exhibitor Month Page Year
REBEL’S MILICIA – (Bann) Sep 50 2010
Rebel’s Splatter Kake- (R. Bann) Jul 32 2011
Red Bandito ( H. Pittman) Hortense Pittman May-June 29 2004
Red Bandito (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas May-June 35 2016
RED BARON – (Margaret Taylor) Mar 48 2010
Red Mini Sota (D. Ness) Don Ness Sept-Oct 28 2000
Red Mount Fiji- (Horikoshi/Kawakami) Nov 14 2011
Red Mount Fuji (Horikoshi/Kawakami) Kathy Lahti May-June 28 2002
RED ROCKET – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Nov 54 2010
Red Shadow (D. Rutherford) Jean Melnechuk Jan-Feb 32 2003
Red Summit (S. Sorano/L. Lyon Greenhouses) Ben Haning May 17 2014
Revenge (K. Stork) Martha Turner July-Aug 29 1999
Rhapsodie Angelica (Holtkamp) Kent Stork Mar-Apr 33 1999
Rhapsodie Anika- (Holtcamp) May 20 2011
Rhapsodie Clementine (Holtkamp) Jean McIlvanie May-June 32 1999
Rhapsodie Clementine (Holtkamp) Kathy Lahti Sept-Oct 28 2001
Rhapsodie Cora (Holtkamp) Ruth Bann May-June 49 2007
Rhapsodie Ingrid (Holtkamp/Optimara) Jan-Feb 11 2015
Rhapsodie Joan (Holtkamp) Erika Geimonen May-June 5 2016
Rhapsodie Rebecca (Holtkamp) Catherine Thommpson July-Aug 32 2013
Rhapsodie Rose (Holtkamp) Jean McIlvanie May-June 28 1999
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp) Kenneth Rein July-Aug 43 2016
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp) Kathy Lahti May-June cover 2002
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp) Kathy Lahti Sept-Oct 13 2006
Rhythm Linda Hall July-Aug 11 2015
Rickety Bridge Mel Grice May-June 40 2013
RM - Pavlina (N. Skornyakova) Picture courtesy of Dmitry Ozherelyev Sept-Oct 15 2014
RM-Alexandria (Natalya Shornyakova) July-Aug 48 2015
RM-Alexandria (Natalya Skornyakova) Jan - Feb 55 2014
RM-Izabella (N. Skorniakova) New from Russia Nov - Dec 17 2015
RM-Royal Laces (Natalya Shornyakova) July-Aug 48 2015
RM-Royal Laces (Natalya Skornyakova) Jan - Feb 55 2014
RM-Vesna (N. Skornyakova) Vera Khokhlova May 41 2014
Rob's Antique Rose (R. Robinson) Bruce Young Jan-Feb 33 2001
Rob's Argyle Socks (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Sept-Oct 28 2000
Rob's Bad Bunny (R. Robinson) Margaret DePhillippo Jan - Feb 29 2014
Rob's Bed Bug (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Mar-Apr 32 2005
Rob's Bee Boopsie (R. Robinson) Carolyn Colin-Lane May-June 32 2002
Rob's Bo Peep (R. Robinson) Leonard Re May-June 45 2013
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Jan-Feb 29 1999
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson) Daphne Yaremko Mar-Apr 12 2006
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 28 2000
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson) Martha Olander Nov-Dec 12 2007
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson) Doris Brownlie Nov-Dec 13 2005
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson) Tony Hulleman Mar-Apr 29 2003
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson) Ben Haning Nov-Dec 11 2014
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson) Ben Haning Sept - Oct 29 2015
Rob's Boondoggle (R. Robinson) David Thompson Nov-Dec 16 2008
Rob's Calypso Beat (R. Robinson) Richard Nicholas Mar-Apr 28 2004
Rob's Calypso Beat (R. Robinson) Margie Geissler Nov-Dec 28 1999
Rob's Cherry Soda (R. Robinson) Cathy Cornibe Jan-Feb 32 1999
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams Jan-Feb 37 2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb 52 2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson) Catherine Thompson July-Aug 16 2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson) Anne Nicholas Mar-Apr Cover 2017
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson) Janet Sheaffer Jan-Feb 15 2017
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson) Allan Reith May-June 28 2015
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson) Janet Scheaffer Nov-Dec 17 2014
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams Sept-Oct cover 2008
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson) Janet Sheaffer Jan-Feb 12-Feb 2015
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson) Richard Nicholas July-Aug 32 2003
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson) Lindi Wurzer Mar-Apr 32 2013
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Sept-Oct 28 1999
Rob's Dandy Lion (R. Robinson) Annie Simard Jan-Feb 40 2002
Rob's Ditzi Mitzi (R. Robinson) Andrew Norris Jan-Feb 33 2015
Rob's Ditzi Mitzi (Ralph Robinson) Ralph Robinson May 6 2014
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnes Jan - Feb 40 2014
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson) Maureen Pratt Mar-Apr 9 2017
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson) Allan Reith May-June 28 2015
Rob's Doohickey (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Mar-Apr 33 2002
Rob's Dust Storm (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnis May 33 2014
Rob's Dust Storm (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams May-June 28 2001
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams May-June 40 2008
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 28 2002
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti Sept-Oct 9 2005
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson) Bev Promersberger July-Aug cover 1998
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 36 2000
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson) Andrea Worrell March 33 2014
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson) Phyllis Haggerty May-June 33 2013
Rob's Fuzzy Navel (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti July-Aug cover 2005
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson) Ben Haning July-Aug Cover 2013
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson) Paula Bal Mar-Apr 55 2013
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson) Glenda Williams Nov - Dec 7 2015
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson) Lacera DeWilde Sept-Oct 37 2014
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams May-June 32 2008
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson) Paula Bal Nov-Dec 45 2013
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Sept-Oct cover 1999
Rob's Hand Puppet (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson July-Aug 32 1999
Rob's Hand Puppet (R. Robinson) Mary Corondan Mar-Apr 14 2017
Rob's Hot Foot (R. Robinson) Fred Packer Jan-Feb 40 1999
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnes Mar-Apr 45 2013
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson) Linda Neumann Mar-Apr 28 2003
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson) Kathy Hajner Mar-Apr 34 2017
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson) Elmer Godeny Sept-Oct 16 2007
Rob's Ice Ripples (R. Robinson) Meredith Hall Mar-Apr cover 2001
Rob's Inner Orbit (R. Robinson) Lindi Wurzer Jan - Feb 54 2014
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnes Jan-Feb 17 2013
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson) Sandra Skalski Mar-Apr 58 2015
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams May-June 33 2008
Rob's June Bug (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson July-Aug 36 2000
Rob's Kitten Caboodle (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnis Nov - Dec 50 2015
Rob's Lilli Pilli (R. Robinson) Bev Promersberger Nov-Dec cover 1999
Rob's Loose Noodle (R. Robinson) Ken Froboese Nov-Dec 15 2013
Rob's Lucky Ducky (R. Robinson) Lorna Russell Jan-Feb 37 2008
Rob's Lucky Penny (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Mar-Apr 29 2005
Rob's Macho Devil (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Sept-Oct 32 1998
Rob's Match Point (R. Robinson) Andrea Worrell Nov-Dec 25 2009
Rob's Miriwinni (R. Robinson) Doris Morris May-June 33 2005
Rob's Miriwinni (R. Robinson) Glenda Williams Nov-Dec 15 2013
Rob's Miss Sniffles (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Nov-Dec 28 2000
Rob's Monkeyshines (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti July-Aug 29 2004
Rob's Ooey Gooey (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnes Mar-Apr 20 2013
Rob's Oolong (R. Robinson) Sandy Skalski Jul-Aug 20 2014
Rob's Outer Orbit (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson July-Aug 33 2004
Rob's Outer Orbit (R. Robinson) Paula Bal March 59 2014
Rob's Pal Paul (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams Jan-Feb 36 2001
Rob's Peedletuck (R. Robinson) Mary Corondan Mar-Apr 49 2017
Rob's Penny Ante (R. Robinson) Jim Toms Mar-Apr 36 2005
Rob's Perfect Peach (R. Robinson) Emma Bygott May-June 36 2000
Rob's Rinky Dink (R. Robinson) Diane Miller Jan-Feb 7 2013
Rob's Sailor Bill (R. Robinson) Margaret Gratto May-June 36 2003
Rob's Sarsparilla (R. Robinson) Erika Geimonen Nov -Dec 20 2016
Rob's Scooter (R. Robinson) Sandra Lex Jan-Feb 49 2006
Rob's Scrumptious (R. Robinson) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb 13 2017
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnes Jan - Feb 20 2014
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Jan-Feb 29 2004
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Susan Hapner July-Aug 28 2007
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnis Mar-Apr 59 2016
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Sharon Rosenzweig Nov-Dec 25 2006
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson) Debbie McInnis Nov-Dec 5-Jan 2014
Rob's Soliloquy (R. Robinson) Sandra Skalsky July-Aug 10 2013
Rob's Soliloquy (R. Robinson) Jim Toms May-June 32 2005
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson) Ina Beaver Nov-Dec 32 2003
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson) Bob McCabe Sept-Oct 36 2001
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson) Joyce Stork Sept-Oct 13 2005
Rob's Strobe Light (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 9 2008
Rob's Tippy Toe (R. Robinson) Fay Wagman Mar-Apr 37 1999
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson) Bev Promersberger July-Aug 33 2000
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Mar-Apr 29 2001
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Nov-Dec 32 1998
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson) Ralph Robinson Sept-Oct 32 1998
Rob's Twinkle Pink (R. Robinson) Lynn Canning Jan-Feb 28 2016
Rob's Twinkle Pink (R. Robinson) Beverley Williams May-June 33 2006
Rob's Vanilla Pink (R. Robinson) Catherine Thompson Sept-Oct 21 2014
Rob's Vanilla Trail (R. Robinson) Sherry Savar Jan-Feb 59 2016
Rob's Whippoorwill (R. Robinson) Kathy Lahti July-Aug 28 1999
Rob's Wooloomooloo (R. Robinson) Mary Jo Bradley Mar-Apr 7 2016
Rob's Zero Gravity (R. Robinson) Emma Bygott Nov-Dec 36 1999
Rob's Zoot Suit (R. Robinson) Andrea Worrell Sept-Oct 52 2009
Rob’s Bad Bunny- (R. Robinson) May 54 2011
ROB’S BOOGIE WOOGIE – (Ralph Robinson) Sep 41 2010
Rob’s Boolaroo – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Marge Farrand Nov 59 2012
Rob’s Chilly Willy – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Olga Vertlib May 40 2012
Rob’s Delicious- (R. Robinson) Jul 33 2011
ROB’S FUDDY DUDDY – (Ralph Robinson) Mar cover 2010
Rob’s Fuddy Duddy- (R. Robinson) May 6 2011
Rob’s Jitterbug- (R. Robinson) Mar 36 2011
ROB’S KITTEN CABOODLE – (Ralph Robinson) Jan 37 2010
ROB’S LUCKY NUMBER – (Ralph Robinson) Sep cover 2010
ROB’S LUCKY STROKE – (Ralph Robinson) Mar 54 2010
ROB’S MELON WEDGES – (Ralph Robinson) Jul 25 2010
Rob’s Oolong – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Sandra Skalski Nov 20 2012
ROB’S PINK BUTTERCUPS – (Ralph Robinson) Mar 33 2010
Rob’s Pink Buttercups- (R. Robinson) Sept 55 2011
Rob’s Pink Prisms – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Debbie McInnis Nov 37 2012
ROB’S PLAID SKIRT – (Ralph Robinson) Jul 10 2010
Rob’s Scrumptious – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Kathy Lahti Mar 17 2012
Rob’s Soliloquy – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Sandra Skalski Nov 58 2012
ROB’S STROBE LIGHT – (Ralph Robinson) Jan 11 2010
Rob’s Whodunit – (R. Robinson) exhibited by Kathy Lahti Sept 48 2012
Rob’s Zipper Zapper – (Ralph Robinson) exhibited by Ralph Robinson Jan 41 2012
Rocket Science (M. Taylor) Margaret Taylor Mar-Apr 16 2007
Rodeo Country (J. Munk) Ron Davidson Jan-Feb 33 1999
Rodeo Country (J. Munk) Elmer Godeny July-Aug cover 1999
Rodeo Showgirl (J. Munk) Robert Truax July-Aug 29 2003
Rolling Pink Cloudburst (L. Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Erika Geimonen May-June 32 2016
Rolling Pink Cloudburst (LLyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Peggy Mooney July-Aug 21 2015
Rosie Ruffles (D. Harrington) Evye Strong Jan-Feb 28 2005
Rosy Cheeks (P. Sorano/LLG) Lorna Russell Sept-Oct 53 2009
Roulette (L. Egenites) Penny Smith-Kerker May 10 2014
Royal Purple Lace (G. Gay) George Gay Mar-Apr 40 2003
Rozovaya Skazka Catherine Thompson Mar-Apr 28 2008
RS-Annabel (S. Repkina) New from Ukraine Nov - Dec 29 2015
RS-Ogon Zhelanie ('Fire of Desire') (S. Repkina) Donna Turner Nov -Dec 34 2016
RS-Vikont (S. Repkina) Donna Brining May-June 15 2015
Ruby Lynn – (P. Addison) exhibited by Steve Turner Sept 25 2012
Ruffled Skies – (Stork/Boone) exhibited by Louise McPherson May 41 s. 2012
Run For Cover (K. Stork) Kent Stork Mar-Apr 36 1998
S. 5b clone confusa Mather E Ben Haning July-Aug 40 2013
S. 5b clone dificilis Mather No.2 (Exhibited by Barbara Jones Nov 2011
S. 5b clone magungensis Ben Haning Sept-Oct 7 2014
S. 5c1 clone ionantha Alcie Maxwell May 28-Jan 2014
S. 5c2 clone diplotricha Parker William Price July-Aug Cover 2016
S. 5f clone orbicularis var. purpurea Sandy Skalski Jul-Aug Cover 2014
S. 5g clone pendula var. kizarae (Exhibited by Dolores Gibbs) May 41 2011
S. 8 clone Cha Simba Candace Baldwin Jan-Feb 38 2017
s. ionantha exhibited by Beverley Williams May 58 2012
S. ionantha subsp.obicularis (Grown by Ron Bannister) Mar 44 2011
S.5c2 clone diplotricha 'Parker' Bill Price Mar-Apr Cover 2016
S.ionantha subsp. Ionantha var. diplotricha 'Parker' Bill Price Jan-Feb 6 2013


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