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The listing below is interactive. Select a year and press "Apply" to see a listing of photos for that year.  Multiple years may be selected.  To select multiple years you can  hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the desired years.  To select all years, click on a single year then hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "A" .  Optionally add the first few letters of a plant or design name and the years you are searching and press "Apply".   

The photographic database only has a few recent years.  We need more volunteers to supply data for the missing years from earlier AVM issues.  This involves finding the printed photo index from earlier issues of the African Violet Magazine, usually the December issue, and typing the data into a spreadsheet.   If you would like to help, please send an email (or a spreadsheet for a missing year) to avm-index@avsa.org.


Thank you Terry Klemesrud for the 2013 & 2014 photo Index.   Sue Hoffmann so nicely supplied us with photo indices for 1998 through 2008.   Obviously more are needed to complete the project.

Interactive Photo Index

Plant or Design Name Exhibitor Month Page Year
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano May-June 37 2006
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG) Catherine Thompson May-June cover 2008
Live Wire – (L.Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) exhibited by Marge Farrand May 7 2012
Lollipalooza (K. Stork) Kent Stork Mar-Apr cover 2006
Lonestar Daybreak (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 28 2006
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Mar-Apr 36 2007
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 9 2009
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Snowstorm (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Snowstorm (Richard Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec Cover 2014
Lonestar Twilight (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec cover 2006
Lonestar Twilight – (R. Nicholas) exhibited by B.J. Ohme Sept 48 2012
Lonestar Twilight- (R. Nicholas) Nov 40 2011
Lorus’ Springtime- (Lorna Russell) Mar 6 2011
Louisiana Lagniappe (K. Stork) Kent Stork Jan-Feb 28 2004
Lovely Rainbow (Marge Farrand) Marge Farrand Jul-Aug 7 2014
Lubimaia Dochka (B. Makuni) Catherine Thompson July-Aug 13 2007
Lucien Croteau (D. Croteau) Pat Renaud Jan-Feb 56 2007
LUCIEN CROTEAU – (D. Croteau) July cover 2010
LUCKY PINWHEEL – (Kosowan) Jan 10 2010
Lunar Lily White Diane Miller Jan - Feb Cover 2014
Lyon's Black Magic (S. Sorono/LLyon Greenhouses) Mary Corondan May-June 11 2015
Lyon's Crown Jewel (Sorano/LLG) Carolee Carter Mar-Apr 25 2007
Lyon's Fortune Teller (Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano May-June 32 2003
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Lyn Sweeney July-Aug 29 1998
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Terry Klemesrud May-June 33 2007
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Lorna Russell Nov-Dec 32 2009
Lyon's Lavender Magic (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses) Rodney Barnet Jan-Feb Cover 2015
Lyon's Monique (S. Sorano/LLG) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 53 2006
Lyon's Red Rocket (P. Sorano/L. Lyons Greenhouses) Michele Gazzara May 59 2014
Lyon's Sassy Sadie (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct 12 2009
Lyon’s Lavender Magic – (P. Sorano/L.Lyon Greenhouses) exhibited by Marie Burns Sept 6 2012
LYON’S MONIQUE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano) Jan 45 2010
Lyon’s Red Rocket- (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Jan 55 2011
Ma's Cosmic Wonder (O.M. Robinson) Catherine Thompson July-Aug 9 2009
Ma's King Carnival (O. Ma Robinson) Rhona Thurman May-June 48 2015
Ma's Lily Pad (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct cover 2005
Ma's Melody Girl (O. Robinson) Heather Eakins May-June 13 2007
Ma's Midland Fantasy (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct 29 2002
Ma's Moody Monday (O. Robinson) Judy Smith Mar-Apr 33 2013
Ma's Moody Monday (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Nov-Dec 9 2005
Ma's Pillow Talk (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct 32 2003
Ma's Second Thoughts (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Mar-Apr cover 2003
Ma's Spanish Eyes (O. Robinson) Barbara Reith May-June 28 2015
Ma's Watermelon (O.M. Robinson) Eileen McGrath Jan-Feb 29 2008
Mac's Black Jack (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 28 2005
Mac's Callow Fellow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas Mar-Apr 15 2015
Mac's Carnival Clown (G. McDonald) Ruth Mengsol Sept-Oct 12 2006
Mac's Coral Carillion (G. Macdonald) Gary Thurman May 11 2014
Mac's Day Dream (G. McDonald) G. McDonald Nov-Dec 29 2013
Mac's Galactic Grandeur (G. McDonald) Catherine Thompson Mar-Apr 11 2013
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald) Anne Brown Jan - Feb 14 2014
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas Nov-Dec 54 2014
Mac's Pure Poetry (G. McDonald) Rhona Thurman Jan-Feb 10 2015
Mac's Shangri-La Serendipity (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 36 2002
Mac's Shangrila Serendipity (G. McDonald) George McDonald Sept-Oct 9 2006
Mac's Solemn Stillness (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 37 2005
Mac's Strawberry Sundae (G. McDonald) Debbie McInnes Jan-Feb Cover 2013
MAC-A-RONI IT’S ITALIAN – (McDonald) Nov 40 2010
Mac-A-Roni It’s Italian- (George McDonald) Jan 6 2011
Mac’s Belle of the Ball- (George McDonald) Nov 25 2011
Mac’s Cosmic Cabaret – (George McDonald) exhibited by George McDonald Jan 15 2012
MAC’S KUP OF KINDNESS – (McDonald) Sep 15 2010
Mac’s Little Blue Boy- (George McDonald) May 20 2011
Mac’s Scarlet Samurai – (George McDonald) exhibited by George McDonald Nov 40 2012
MAC’S SCORCHING SUN – (McDonald) Nov 10 2010
Mac’s Simply Sub-lime- (George McDonald) Mar 37 2011
Mac’s Tiamat- (George McDonald) May 40 2011
Magic Blue (H. Pittman) Hortense Pittman May-June 29 2004
Magnolia (M. Burns/Nadeau) Nelly Levine Mar-Apr 28 1999
Making Waves (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses) P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses Jan-Feb 7 2013
Mama's Little Sport (R. Cox) Ruby Cox Nov-Dec 36 1998
Mariah (D. Harrington) Ben Haning Nov-Dec 21 2013
Marion's Enchanted Trail (H. Pittman) Pat Richards Nov-Dec 32 1999
Marion's Enchanted Trail (H. Pittman) Martha Dyson Sept-Oct 28 2003
Mark (M. Maas) Lorna Russell Jan-Feb 33 2002
Markiza (T. Dadoyan) Margarita Tyurina May 41 2014
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau) Marilyn Hall July-Aug 28 1999
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau) Richard Nicholas Mar-Apr 36 2008
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau) Anne Thomas Nov-Dec 12 2005
Ma’s Party Music- (O. Ma Robinson) Nov 37 2011
Memphis Mel Grice Nov-Dec 51 2014
Merrilee (Haywood) Mario Santopietro Mar-Apr 36 2002
Mid America Gary Mikita July-Aug 29 2005
Midnight Lace (G. Gay) George Gay Mar-Apr 40 2003
Mikah (H. Pittman) Hortense Pittman July-Aug 36 2003
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl) John Carter Jan-Feb 37 2002
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl) Winston Goretsky Mar-Apr cover 2000
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl) Nelly Levine Mar-Apr cover 2005
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl) Judi DuPont Sept-Oct 28 2008
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl) Hans Inpijn Sept-Oct 16 2009
Milky Way Trail- (J. Stahl) May 44 2011
MINI PAPA – (Pittman) Mar 20 2010
Mini Sinningia 'Butterflies are Free' (Thad Scaggs) Thad Scaggs May-June 29 2015
Miss Manners (C. Eros) Carol Eros Sept-Oct 29 2003
Mississippi Paul Kroll Nov-Dec 51 2014
Mister Socialite (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct 32 2002
Mistrial (M. Tremblay) Esther Hopkins Jan-Feb 33 2005
Misty Blue Trinket (E. Champion) Steven Spachek March 32 2014
Mobile flower arrangement - "Up, Up and Away" Jacquie Eisenhut Jan-Feb 49 2008
Monseigneur (D. Croteau) Louise McPherson Mar-Apr 12 2009
Moonlight Magic (S. Sorano/LLG) Kathy Bell Jan-Feb 28 2005
Morgan's Miss Manners (C. Eros) Carol Eros May-June 32 2006
Morgan's Popup (C. Eros) Carol Eros Mar-Apr 33 2003
MORGAN’S BAROSSA – (Carol Eros) May 11 2010
MORGAN’S DECLAN DUFF – (Carol Eros) Mar 21 2010
Mountain Mist Trail (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Claire Ulanoff Sept-Oct 36 2014
Ms. Smartypants (S. Sorano/LLG) Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses Sept-Oct cover 1998
Mt. Fiji (Horikoshi) unknown Nov-Dec cover 2000
Mummers Parade (Designed by Karen Cihocki) Jan 45 2012
My Darling (Holtkamp/Optimara) Jan-Feb 11 2015
My Fair Lady (Eyerdom) Alcie Maxwell Mar-Apr 36 2013
N-Adam (N. Berdnikova) Margarita Nesterova May 41 2014
N-Avatar (N. Berdnikova) Margarita Nesterova May 41 2014
N-Vera (N. Berdnikova) Elena Morazova May 40 2014
NAMELY NANCY – (Miller) Sep 36 2010
Nashville B.J. Ohme Nov-Dec 51 2014
Natural Container Garden (Exhibited by Danny Tidwell) Jan 54 2011
Natural Container Garden (Exhibited by Paul Kroll) Mar 51 2011
Natural Garden Suzanne Roberts Jan-Feb 55 2015
Natural Garden Container (Designed by Carolyn Klein) Mar 48 2012
Natural Planting Audrey Moir Jan-Feb 52 2009
Natural Planting "A View at the Top" Elmer Godeny July-Aug 36 2007
Natural Planting "Cincinnati Zoo/Botanical Garden" Jane Rexilius Jan-Feb 36 2006
Natural Rose Gem (N. Levine) BJ Ohme Nov-Dec 7 2013
Nautilocalyx bullatus Bill Price Sept-Oct 32 2007
Nautilocalyx sp. GRF 960 4023 Eileen McGrath Mar-Apr 45 2013
Nematanthus 'Tropicana' Ken Froboese May-June 29 2006
Neon Fantasy (Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct cover 2003
Neptune (Armacost & Royston) Rodney Barnett May-June 11 2015
Neptune (Armacost & Royston) Kevin Degner May-June 11 2013
Neptune's Jewels (Sorano/LLG) Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses May-June 29 2000
Neptune- (Armacost & Royston) May 28 2011
Ness' Angel Babe (D. Ness) Fay Wagman Mar-Apr 37 1999
Ness' Angel Blush (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 28 2000
Ness' Angel Blush (D. Ness) Beverley Williams May-June 25 2013
Ness' Angel Face (D. Ness) Dorothy Kosowsky Jan-Feb 36 1999
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Richard Nicholas Jan-Feb 40 2008
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Marion Hamtil Jan-Feb 36 2003
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Richard Nicholas Jan-Feb 53 2008
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Richard Nicholas March 55 2014
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Greta Durand May-June 37 2002
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness) Richard Nicholas May-June 28 2006
Ness' China Blue (D. Ness) Don Ness May-June 32 1999
Ness' Coral Sunset (D. Ness) Anita Harold Jan-Feb cover 2005
Ness' Cranberry Lace (D. Ness) Don Ness Mar-Apr 36 1999
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Jan-Feb 16 2006
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness) Anne Nicholas May-June 28 2006
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness) Carroll Gealy May-June cover 1999
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Nov-Dec cover 2007
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Jan-Feb 16 2006
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness) Meredith Hall Jan-Feb 33 2003
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness) Peggy Mooney Mar-Apr 25 2015
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 29 2005
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness) Jim Toms Sept-Oct 52 2007
Ness' Dream Maker (D. Ness) Don Ness Nov-Dec 36 2000
Ness' Frilly Lady (D. Ness) Mary Endrizzi Mar-Apr cover 2007
Ness' Happy Freckles (D. Ness) Dixie Williams May-June 28 2002
Ness' Lil Hotshot (D. Ness) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 32 2004
Ness' Midnight Fantasy (D. Ness) Cynthia Crater May-June 33 1999
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness) Kathy Lahti Jan-Feb 29 2002
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness) Kathy Lahti Mar-Apr 29 2002
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness) Kathy Lahti Sept-Oct 29 2008
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness) Mark Weston Jan-Feb 49 2009
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness) Libby Behnke Nov-Dec 36 2002
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness) Esther Hopkins Sept-Oct 32 2004
Ness' Pixie Grin (D. Ness) Doris Brownlie May-June 13 2007
Ness' Pixie Grin (D. Ness) Don Ness Nov-Dec 32 1998
Ness' Puppy Charms (D. Ness) Don Ness - Midland Violets July-Aug 28 2000
Ness' Puppy Prints (D. Ness) Catherine Thompson Sept-Oct 16 2006
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness) Kathy Lahti July-Aug 32 2001
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness) Allan Reigh, Sr Mar-Apr 32 2005
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness) Sandra Skalski May-June 14 2015
Ness' Sno Fun (D. Ness) Kathy Lahti Mar-Apr 29 2002
Ness' Viking Maiden (D. Ness) Elmer Godeny Nov-Dec cover 2003
Ness’ Angel Babe – (D. Ness) exhibited by Kathy Lahti July 45 2012
Ness’ Angel Face- (D. Ness) May 41 2011
NESS’ CRANBERRY SWIRL – (Ness) Sep 40 2010
Ness’ Cranberry Swirl- (D. Ness) Jul 59 2011
NESS’ MINI SOTA – (Ness) Jan 15 2010
NESS’ SATIN ROSE – (Ness) Jul 10 2010
New Year's Eve (Lyon/LLG) Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses May-June 33 2000
NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Sep 37 2010
Newtown Beaumont Bluster – (Sharon Holtzman) exhibited by Pat Gibson May 33 2012
Newtown Grape Suzette (S. Holtzman) Mary Martin Jan-Feb 13 2006
Nob Hill (G. Beck) Irene Boro Sept-Oct 29 1998
Northern Attitude (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Nov-Dec 28 2005
Northern Exposure (N. Levine) Nelly Levine July-Aug 9 2007
Norton's Elaine (J. Norton) Beverley Williams July-Aug 53 2008
Norton’s Elaine – (J. Norton) exhibited by Beverley Williams Mar 21 2012
Oak Ridge Randy Deutsch Jan-Feb 54 2015
Ocean Eyes (M. Burns) Jim Kuhn May-June 37 1999
Ode to Beauty (G. Cox/B. Johnson) Tony Hulleman May-June 29 2005
Ode to Beauty – (G. Cox/B. Johnson) exhibited by Barbara Borleske Jan 17 2012
Ode to Grace (Y. Lambert) Beverley Williams July-Aug 12 2009
Okie Easter Bunny – (J. Cochran) exhibited by Debbie McInnis Sept 24 2012
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick) Olive Ma Robinson July-Aug 36 2001
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick) Olive Ma Robinson May-June cover 2004
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec 9 2007


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