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The listing below is interactive. Select a year and press "Apply" to see a listing of photos for that year.  Multiple years may be selected.  To select multiple years you can  hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the desired years.  To select all years, click on a single year then hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "A" .  Optionally add the first few letters of a plant or design name and the years you are searching and press "Apply".   

The photographic database only has a few recent years.  We need more volunteers to supply data for the missing years from earlier AVM issues.  This involves finding the printed photo index from earlier issues of the African Violet Magazine, usually the December issue, and typing the data into a spreadsheet.   If you would like to help, please send an email (or a spreadsheet for a missing year) to avm-index@avsa.org.


Thank you Terry Klemesrud for the 2013  - 2015 photo Indices.   Sue Hoffmann so nicely supplied us with photo indices for 1998 through 2008.   Obviously more are needed to complete the project.

Interactive Photo Index

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Plant or Design Name Exhibitor Month Page Year
Jersey Lilacs (B. Kurzynski) Paula Bal Jan - Feb 51 2014
Jersey Little Devil (R. Kurzynski) BJ Ohme Nov -Dec 9 2016
Jersey Little Devil (R. Kurzynski) B. J. Ohme Sept-Oct 14 2016
Jersey Snow Drops- (R. Kurzynski) Sept 36 2011
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski) Richard Nicholas Jan-Feb 44 2016
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec 37 2013
Jersey Snow Flakes – (R. Kurzynski) exhibited by Susan Arnao Mar 7 2012
Jersey Sugar Plums (R. Kurzynski) Anne Nicholas May-June 35 2017
Jitterbug #6 (P. Hancock) Anne Nicholas May-June 53 2017
Jolly Andrea (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb 33 2017
Jolly Champ- (H. Pittman) Sept 40 2011
Jolly Dazzler (H. Pittman) Jan Davidson Nov-Dec 41 2013
Jolly Diamond (H. Pittman) Jan Davidson Nov - Dec 7 2015
Jolly Disco (H. Pittman) Kathy Lahti Jan - Feb 21 2014
Jolly Eyes (H. Pittman) Janet Shaeffer July-Aug 45 2015
Jolly Eyes- (H. Pittman) Mar 7 2011
Jolly Fire (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas Jan-Feb 36 2009
Jolly Fireball (J. Pittman) Kevin Degner May-June 15 2015
Jolly Frills (H. Pittman) Hortense Pittman May-June 37 2009
Jolly Frills – (H. Pittman) exhibited by Diane Miller Nov 7 2012
Jolly Happy Time (H. Pittman) Jan Davidson July-Aug 58 2013
Jolly Jazz (H. Pittman) Jan Davidson July-Aug 36 2015
Jolly Jingle (H. Pittman) Diane Kaluhiokalani July-Aug 23 2016
Jolly Jubilee (H. Pittman) Debbie McInnis Mar-Apr 6 2016
Jolly Jubilee (H. Pittman) Debbie McInnes March Cover 2014
JOLLY JUBILEE – (Pittman) Jul 6 2010
JOLLY JUPITER – (Pittman) Jan cover 2010
Jolly Mars (H. Pittman) Laurel Brown Jan-Feb 25 2017
Jolly Mel (H. Pittman) Ben Haning Nov-Dec 37 2013
Jolly Mischief (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas Nov-Dec 28 2008
Jolly Moon Mist (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas May-June 17 2017
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman) Debbie McInnis Jan-Feb 38 2017
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman) Anne Brown May 7 2014
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman) Lorna Russell May-June 10 2013
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman) Anne Nicholas Nov-Dec 25 2007
Jolly Orchid- (H. Pittman) Sept 11 2011
Jolly Star (H. Pittman) Laurel Brown Jan-Feb 25 2017
Jolly Star (H. Pittman) Ron Davidson May-June 34 2016
Jolly Wine-O (H. Pittman) Ken Froboese Mar-Apr 40 2008
Jonathan (D. Croteau) Greta Durand May-June 32 2002
JONATHAN – (Croteau) Jan 51 2010
K's Cherry Chip Frosting (K. Hajner) Kathy Hajner May-June 16 2017
K's Dancing Spree (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner July-Aug 25 2015
K's Lilac Infusion (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Jul-Aug 36 2014
K's Pinkitini (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Sept-Oct 45 2016
K's Sage Wand (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Nov -Dec 13 2016
K's Salsarita (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Sept-Oct Cover 2016
K's Salsarita (K. Hajner) Kathy Hajner May-June 52 2017
K's Slingshot (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Nov -Dec 47 2016
K's Snowy Montana (Kathy Hajner) JoEllen Bowden May-June 61 2016
K's Tipsy Spritzer (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner July-Aug 8 2016
K's Tipsy Spritzer (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner July-Aug 59 2015
K's Want Some Wine (Kathy Hajner) Kathy Hajner Nov -Dec 12 2016
Kandy Kitchen (K. Stork) Kent Stork Sept-Oct 33 2005
Kansas City Barbeque Richard Nicholas Jan-Feb 7 2017
KAPER – (Richter) Jul 17 2010
Kara's Birthday Surprise (P. Sorano/LLG) Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses Nov-Dec 33 2001
Kaylih Marie (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Nov-Dec 28 2003
Kentucky Berry Bush (D. Rollins) Patricia Gibson Nov -Dec Cover 2016
Kentucky Bride (D. Rollins) Paul Kroll May-June 33 2008
Kentucky Bride – (D. Rollins) exhibited by Alcie Maxwell Nov 32 2012
Kentucky Gooseberries (D. Rollins) Penny Wichman July-Aug 12 2009
KENTUCKY GOOSEBERRIES – (Rollins) Nov 41 2010
KENT’S BIG DEAL – (Stork) Nov 6 2010
King David (D. Thompson) Nancy Price May-June cover 2001
King's Ransom (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano May-June 37 2006
King's Ranson (P. Sorano (LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct cover 2006
Kinglake (S. Gardner) Sue Gardner Nov-Dec 40 2008
Kiss Prints (K. Stork) Donna Brining Sept - Oct 11 2015
Kiwi Dazzler (D. Snell) Nancy Price Jan-Feb cover 2001
Kiwi Dazzler (D. Snell) D. Snell May-June 32 2005
Kiwi Dazzler – (D. Snell) exhibited by Neil Lipson Nov 17 2012
Knight Magic (H. Pittman) Hector Becerra Mar-Apr cover 1998
Kohleria 'Laura" Tony Hulleman Jan-Feb 36 1998
Kohleria 'Monte's Friendship' Dale Martens July-Aug 49 2005
Kohleria 'Peridot's Rolo' (I. James) Richard Nicholas Sept-Oct 26-Feb 2014
Kohleria 'Rongo' Dodie Nelson Sept-Oct 55 2016
Kohleria Hey’s ‘Jardin de Monet’ (Exhibited by Mary Schaeffer) Sept 41 2011
Kohleria lucianii x Kohleria Kitlopes Peridot #16 – (B. Cessna) exhibited by Mary Schaeffer Nov 36 2012
Kohleria ‘GG Lava Lamp’ exhibited by Nancy Carr Mar 29 2012
Kohleria ‘Manchu” Exhibited by Mark Occhionero July 59 2012
Kohleria ‘Red Ryder’ (Exhibited by Deanna Belli) Mar 54 2011
Kristi's Spunk (K. Sorano/LLG) blossom Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses July-Aug 49 2008
Kumiko (H. Eyerdom) B.J. Ohme Sept-Oct 25 2008
Lady Baltimore (I. Fredette) Debbie McInnis Nov-Dec 24 2014
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Beverley Williams July-Aug 12 2007
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 12 2006
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Beverley Williams Mar-Apr 29 2000
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Leonard Re Mar-Apr 9 2017
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Leonard Re March 33 2014
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie) Doris Brownlie May-June 37 2004
Lakeshore Silver- (J. Brownlie) Nov 25 2011
Landscape design 12-24 inches (Designed by Carolyn Klein) Jan 44 2012
Lavender Lace (G. Gay) George Gay Mar-Apr 40 2003
Layered Gown (D. Harrington) Dolores Harrington July-Aug 12 2006
LC's Raspberry Whisper (Lynn Canning) Lynn Canning Nov - Dec 15 2015
Le Chata Brion (E. Lebetskaia) Donna Brining Mar-Apr 21 2015
LE-Freiya (E. Lebetskaia) New from Ukraine Nov - Dec 28 2015
LE-Hozyaika Mednoi Gory (E. Lebetskaia) Margarita Nesterova May 40 2014
LE-Karusel (E. Lebetskaia) Donna Turner Sept-Oct 56 2016
LE-Mokhito (E. Lebetskaia) New from Ukraine Nov - Dec 28 2015
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia) Suzanne Roberts Jan-Feb 29 2016
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia) Mary Corondan Jan-Feb 47 2017
Leaf Characteristics Displayed by African Violets Sept - Oct 22 2015
Lela Marie (I Lineberg) Roy Hall July-Aug 29 1999
Lela Marie (I. Lineberg) Phyllis King Jan-Feb 28 1998
Lela Marie- (I. Lineberg) Jan 17 2011
Lil Runaround (S. Sorano) Carol Hastings Mar-Apr 33 2013
Lilac Fanfare (Paul Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses) Paul Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses May-June Cover 2013
Lilian Sparkler (E. Champion) Ray Morrison July-Aug 12 2005
Lilliana (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Nov -Dec 54 2016
Linda Darnel (P. Tracey) Patty Daniel Jan-Feb 45 2016
LINDA DARNEL – (P. Tracey) May 11 2010
Little Axel (Anthoflores) Martha Bell Jan-Feb 49 2009
Little Axel (Anthoflores) Betty Margetts Mar-Apr 28 1999
Little Axel (Anthoflores) Debbie McInnis Sept-Oct 55 2016
Little Blue Bandit (P. Sorano/Llyon Greenhouses) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 14 2013
LITTLE BLUE BANDIT – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Jan 51 2010
LITTLE CESAR – (P. Harris) Jan 7 2010
Little Chatterbox (S. Sorano/LLG) Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses Sept-Oct cover 1998
Little Jayhawker (M. Gall) Martha Dyson Jan-Feb 32 2004
Little Pro (H. Pittman) Kathy Lahti Jan-Feb cover 1998
Little Snow White (R. Nadeau) Beverley Williams Sept-Oct 33 1999
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG) Catherine Thompson May-June cover 2008
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano May-June 37 2006
Live Wire – (L.Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) exhibited by Marge Farrand May 7 2012
Lollipalooza (K. Stork) Kent Stork Mar-Apr cover 2006
Lollipop Kid (S. Sorano) Debbie McInnis Sept - Oct 37 2015
Lonestar Daybreak (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 28 2006
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Mar-Apr 36 2007
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 9 2009
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas) Ann Schubert Sept-Oct 30 2016
Lonestar Snowstorm (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas May-June 29 2006
Lonestar Snowstorm (Richard Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec Cover 2014
Lonestar Twilight (R. Nicholas) Richard Nicholas Nov-Dec cover 2006
Lonestar Twilight – (R. Nicholas) exhibited by B.J. Ohme Sept 48 2012
Lonestar Twilight- (R. Nicholas) Nov 40 2011
Lorus’ Springtime- (Lorna Russell) Mar 6 2011
Louisiana Lagniappe (K. Stork) Kent Stork Jan-Feb 28 2004
Lovely Rainbow (Marge Farrand) Marge Farrand Jul-Aug 7 2014
Lovestruck (L. Lyon Greenhouses) Drew Norris Mar-Apr 59 2016
Lovestruck (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Drew Norris May-June 58 2017
Lubimaia Dochka (B. Makuni) Catherine Thompson July-Aug 13 2007
Lucien Croteau (D. Croteau) Pat Renaud Jan-Feb 56 2007
LUCIEN CROTEAU – (D. Croteau) July cover 2010
LUCKY PINWHEEL – (Kosowan) Jan 10 2010
Lunar Lily White Diane Miller Jan - Feb Cover 2014
Lyon's Black Magic (S. Sorono/LLyon Greenhouses) Mary Corondan May-June 11 2015
Lyon's Crown Jewel (Sorano/LLG) Carolee Carter Mar-Apr 25 2007
Lyon's Fortune Teller (Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano May-June 32 2003
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Lyn Sweeney July-Aug 29 1998
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Terry Klemesrud May-June 33 2007
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Lorna Russell Nov-Dec 32 2009
Lyon's Lavender Magic (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses) Rodney Barnet Jan-Feb Cover 2015
Lyon's Monique (S. Sorano/LLG) Kathy Lahti Nov-Dec 53 2006
Lyon's Red Rocket (P. Sorano/L. Lyons Greenhouses) Michele Gazzara May 59 2014
Lyon's Sassy Sadie (P. Sorano/LLG) Paul Sorano Sept-Oct 12 2009
Lyon’s Lavender Magic – (P. Sorano/L.Lyon Greenhouses) exhibited by Marie Burns Sept 6 2012
LYON’S MONIQUE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano) Jan 45 2010
Lyon’s Red Rocket- (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses) Jan 55 2011
Ma's Blue Spinner (O. Robinson) Marge Farrand May-June 53 2017
Ma's Cosmic Wonder (O.M. Robinson) Catherine Thompson July-Aug 9 2009
Ma's Debutante' (O. Robinson) Susan Arnao Nov -Dec 51 2016
Ma's Glass Slipper (O. Robinson) Erika Geimonen Jan-Feb 5 2017
Ma's King Carnival (O. Ma Robinson) Rhona Thurman May-June 48 2015
Ma's King Carnival (O. Ma) Mary Corondan Sept-Oct 17 2016
Ma's Lily Pad (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct cover 2005
Ma's Melody Girl (O. Robinson) Heather Eakins May-June 13 2007
Ma's Midland Fantasy (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct 29 2002
Ma's Moody Monday (O. Robinson) Judy Smith Mar-Apr 33 2013
Ma's Moody Monday (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Nov-Dec 9 2005
Ma's Pillow Talk (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Sept-Oct 32 2003
Ma's Second Thoughts (O.M. Robinson) Olive Ma Robinson Mar-Apr cover 2003
Ma's Spanish Eyes (O. Robinson) Barbara Reith May-June 28 2015
Ma's Watermelon (O.M. Robinson) Eileen McGrath Jan-Feb 29 2008
Mac's Black Jack (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 28 2005
Mac's Blowing Bubbles (G. McDonald) Tmothy Ferguson Sept - Oct 29 2015
Mac's Callow Fellow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas Mar-Apr 15 2015
Mac's Callow Fellow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas Sept-Oct 21 2016
Mac's Camelot Cameo (G. McDonald) Paula Bal Sept - Oct 44 2015
Mac's Carnival Clown (G. McDonald) Ruth Mengsol Sept-Oct 12 2006
Mac's Coral Carillion (G. Macdonald) Gary Thurman May 11 2014
Mac's Day Dream (G. McDonald) G. McDonald Nov-Dec 29 2013
Mac's Galactic Grandeur (G. McDonald) Catherine Thompson Mar-Apr 11 2013
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald) Anne Brown Jan - Feb 14 2014
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas July-Aug 10 2015
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald) Anne Nicholas Nov-Dec 54 2014
Mac's Pure Poetry (G. McDonald) Rhona Thurman Jan-Feb 10 2015
Mac's Shangri-La Serendipity (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 36 2002
Mac's Shangrila Serendipity (G. McDonald) George McDonald Sept-Oct 9 2006
Mac's Solemn Stillness (G. McDonald) George McDonald July-Aug 37 2005
Mac's Southern Springtime (G. MacDonald) Penny Kerker-Smith Jan-Feb 10 2016
Mac's Strawberry Sundae (G. McDonald) Debbie McInnes Jan-Feb Cover 2013
MAC-A-RONI IT’S ITALIAN – (McDonald) Nov 40 2010
Mac-A-Roni It’s Italian- (George McDonald) Jan 6 2011
Mac’s Belle of the Ball- (George McDonald) Nov 25 2011


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