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How would you like to have a total of thirty-two (yes, 32), New Introduction leaves to share with friends, your club, or just to enjoy for yourself? Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

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September - October 2016

On the cover: 

Semiminiature variety: K’s Salsarita

Hybridized by: Kathy Hajner

Exhibited by: Kathy Hajner

Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

Correction: Page 14 the plant should be “Tina’s April Fantasy” hybridized by Trudy Brekel not “Jersey Little Devil”

Autumn is in the air. Along with it comes shorter days and, for many, cooler temperatures. This is the perfect time for fall cleaning. Look through your plants and cull; clean them up; or maybe repot. This is also prime time to flip through the back pages of the “African Violet Magazine”. Look at the tantalizing ads and order those plants you’ve seen online, in the magazine, or at a show. Nothing lifts the spirit like a fresh box of new plants on your doorstep!

This issue of the magazine is filled with contest entry articles from new and recognized authors. Thanks to everyone who is participating. It truly helps to add new life to our publication. In addition to the articles, the photos alone make the September – October 2016 AVM issue one to browse from cover to cover.

  • “In Search of New Violets”  Dr. Jeff Smith offers readers a look at characteristics and hybridizing African violets with the Clackamas foliage mutation. The name “Clackamas” comes from a county and city in Oregon where the mutation was first discovered. This interesting trait is also called “watermelon foliage”. Yes, it can also be variegated. For those growers who enjoy growing something a little different this is a must have. You’ll enjoy this column. Page 6.


  • “Question Box” In this regular question and answer column, Sue Haffner investigates reader’s queries. She tackles issues that many of us wonder about. “My pink-flowered violet started producing deep purple blooms. What happened? My friend said that, as that plant was right next to a violet with purple flowers that made it start blooming purple too. Is that possible?” So she’s suggesting a copy-cat African violet? … Sue suggests repotting, plus checking to see if the variety may be listed as a bi-color or fantasy. She also talks about curing pests with hot water. Some very interesting ideas are shared here. Page 10


  • “The Violet Network” Once again, Jennie Lawrence introduces us to a fabulous website that will be of interest to most African violet growers. She’s found Nadeau African Violet Seeds. You can find it, too, with a quick Google search.  The website provides all pertinent information to grow African violets from seed. They claim a 25 to 35% germination rate along with complete explanations on their planting mix, heat, and light requirements. There is a slide show which includes the many different seed varieties available. A research page includes complete scientific write-ups with their history and objectives. There are seed packets for standards, trailers, fantasy, and variegated plants. The testimonial page is standard, but all reviews rate five-stars. Imagine the fun! Page 13.


  • “A Family Portrait” Paul Kroll takes a look at Primulina ‘Lola’ with photos and description. This is an easy-grower and attractive even when not in bloom. The patterning (not called variegation on this type of Primulina) is silvery and visually interesting. It is nice to read that ‘Lola’ has foliage with enough decorative value to be entered and exhibited in the “grown for ornamental characteristics other than bloom” class in an AVSA show. Paul adds that all Primulina plants enjoy some extra lime in their soil mix. He always has such helpful ideas. Page 22


  • “The Reclassification of Saintpaulia – An interview with Michael Moeller” Winston Goretsky, AVSA President, traveled to China to attend the 80th anniversary conference of the Guangxi Institute of Botany.  He had an opportunity to speak with Michael Moeller, one of the prominent botanists working on the reclassification of the species. Evidently, molecular analysis shows that African violets (Saintpaulia) evolved from within part of the Streptocarpus family tree. Streptocarpus, Streptocarpella and Saintpaulia all have a base chromosome number of 15, and it now seems that African violets descended from Streps.  This is an interesting subject with a lot of additional information discussed in the article. Winston summarizes with, “The final conclusion to this story is not yet written,” however AVSA is and will remain the International Cultivar Registration Authority for the genus/subgenus Saintpaulia. Page 46


  • “Violet Lights and Stands”  Steve Harris shares instructions and photos for building the light stand he made for his wife using commercial shelving, shop lights, a power strip and a timer available at the local hardware store. He also includes a material list and cost breakdown. I’m sure the light stand earned Steve extra points with his wife! Page 50




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