New Introduction Leaves

How would you like to have a total of thirty-two (yes, 32), New Introduction leaves to share with friends, your club, or just to enjoy for yourself? Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

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March - April 2016
On the cover:  Saintpaulia 5c2 clone diplotricha ‘Parker’

Species plant, exhibited by: Bill Price

Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

Spring is in the air. Daylight hours are growing longer and things are waiting to burst into bloom. It is a time of renewal, growth and the perfect time for propagation. This is the time to review your wish lists, look at violet catalogs/websites and order some new leaves or plants. Get going and get it growing! This issue of the magazine has six full pages of ads to get you started. It’s also time for spring cleaning your growing areas. Why not check out these great articles after you finish the task (or as you procrastinate doing it):    
  • Ohio Bountiful: An Attractive Plant, a Touch of Fame, and Lots of History” Sue Hoffmann relates her exciting find at last year’s AVSA Kansas City convention. A pretty double pink plant from Lyndon Lyons turned out to be AVSA registration #419, registered in 1954! She learned more, including that the plant sold at the 1954 AVSA St. Louis convention for $1000. What an interesting piece of violet history. Page 17
  • Adventures in Growing Streptocarpus” Follow Josh McKinney in this one-on-one article as he talks about his experiences with Streptocarpus, explaining his downfalls and successes with finding a scented strep, engineering the right soil mix, and learning the proper growing culture. He found the ideal balance and now enjoys streps with almost constant bloom. Learn how he did it on page 33.
  • Your Violet Club … a Living, Growing System” written by Betty Ferguson “A system is made up of a collection of smaller, interacting components.”  Who knew this statement referred to an affiliate African violet club? Betty takes a serious look at the interaction among club members, distribution of responsibilities and dealing with internal threats/conflicts in a club.  You’ll find some interesting recommendations and ways to assess your own club dynamics. Page 46
  • An Education Tool in Container Garden Design” Designer Karyn Cichocki gives her personal insight into planting container gardens for show. She has entered designs in AVSA shows since 1983 and has a wealth of knowledge. Karyn shares some helpful tips that may leave you asking, “What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” Does she leave her container designs growing at home? Learn the answer on page 48.
  • Honor Your Society Leaders – Thank you for your help and support” John Carter, AVSA’s immediate past president offers insight into recognizing and keeping the current hard-working members and leaders in your local clubs. So many times our best members get burned out. They wonder if their hours of work, dedication and their commitment to the club are appreciated. Everyone should read this article on page 60.







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