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AVSA 2016-2017 Article Contest Winners Announced at the Orlando Convention

Best Contest Article                Kurt Jablonski         “Grooming for Show … Grooming as you Grow”     Nov/Dec 2016  
2nd Best Contest Article          Sandra Skalski      “How to Eliminate Thrips”                                         March/April 2017
3rd Best Contest Article          Sandi Mynatt         “Repotting: A Combat Sport”                                   July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Paul Kroll               “Suggestions for Writing a Design Schedule”          Nov/Dec 2016
Honorable Mention                    Vicki Ferguson      “Cultivating a Successful Club”                                July/August 2016
Honorable Mention                    Carol Schorn         “African Violets and Cats”                                        May/June 2017 
You can win those New Introduction leaves!  The AVSA Article Contest will be repeated for 2017-2018!      Read all the details here.

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May - June 2017​

On the cover: 
Miniature trailer: Senk’s Fruit Fly – Best Trailer 2016 AVSA Albuquerque Convention

Hybridized by: Dr. Ralph Robinson
Exhibited by: Anne Nicholas
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky

We are very lucky to have the African Violet Magazine to read, reread and archive for future reference. What draws us back to older issues? Why do we use them for reference? I find myself going to the index files (below) to find specific articles and/or blossom photos. Many readers keep issues cataloged in binders. Look at the photographs. We can view blossoms or entire plants to see how they should grow and what they look like. This issue has over 25 color photos of show plants, plus many others that accompany articles.
     Then, there are the articles. They cover a multitude of interesting subjects. They give us growing tips, they discuss a grower’s favorite mixes, ways to sterilize equipment, or reveal an insight to some different methods of growing. Occasionally, they get down to the emotional side of growing African violets. We’ve had touching stories of grandmothers or distant uncles who took time to share a leaf where that kindness became the beginning of a life-long hobby.
     I was happy to present both the Five Best AVM Article awards and the Contest Article awards at the 2017 AVSA convention in Orlando, Florida this month. Thirty-eight AVSA members received ballots to vote for the Five Best articles. The winners are:


  1. Grooming for Show … Grooming as you Grow    Kurt Jablonski Nov/Dec 2016   pg. 14
  2. Kent Stork's Method of Hitting Full Bloom on the Day of the Show  Kent Stork Jan/Feb 2016   pg. 54
  3. Repotting:  A Combat Sport      Sandi Mynatt July/August 2016 pg. 20
  4. Back to our Roots       Maureen Pratt   Nov/Dec 2016  pg. 18
  5. 5. “You’re Joking, Right?”      Kurt Jablonski May/June 2016  pg. 24

(Winners of the Contest are listed at the top of this page.)

Congratulations to all of the AVM authors. Our readers enjoyed your articles and with so many excellent entries this year, the judges had a hard time deciding on the top winners.

 Please consider submitting your own article to the magazine for publication. You do not have to have taken writing classes or been published anywhere else. We’d like to hear your story. If you need help or would like to have someone look at your work before you send it in, please feel free to contact Ruth Rumsey, the AVM Editor at rrumsey@earthlink.net or me at the address listed below.
Here’s to a great summer! Repot, relax and enjoy …………………
Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman
< violetsue123@outlook.com>

A look inside the May/June issue:

“African Violet Pests, Diseases and Cultural Problems” Award-winning Texas grower Ben Haning shared this handout at his program during the Texas Lone Star State convention. It covers basic problems we can run into like Powdery Mildew and Petiole Rot, with good descriptions of their symptoms. Read more beginning on page 5.

“2017 Vacation Guide” Off for a fun summer trip? Here you go with a full listing of AVSA commercial members and ways to contact them if you plan to be in their area. They would enjoy taking you around to see where they grow their plants, plus you can see firsthand how they “do it”. Time to get some new plants? Beginning on page 8.

“Question Box” Dr. Bill Price uses his space in this issue for a discussion about transplanting. “How often, when and what is the best way” are probably the most frequently asked questions. When should I consider repotting the violet that just arrived in the mail or the one I brought home from the show? What size pot should I use? Considering how many awards Bill has won and how many classes he’s given for AVSA, this will be a wonderful go-to article for the future. For Bill’s recommendations, see page 12.

“Rooting African violet Crowns” Winston Goretsky explains how he breaks down large plants to rejuvenate and encourage fresh growth. This article is accompanied with “how-to” pictures, showing his method in a step-by-step format. It is easy to understand and follow the steps. Read about this rejuvenation method on page 27.

“Three Great Shows in Seven Months – What Fun!” Don’t miss this one! Pat Hancock offers an instant replay of her busy year traveling around the country with sidekick and photographer, Mel Grice. This duo attended the Albuquerque, NM AVSA convention, moved on to the Ohio State show at the famous Kingwood Gardens in Mansfield, and ended in Plano, TX at the Lone Star convention. They had a ball and have photo documentation of the winners. Pat can be quoted saying, “Pictures are always worth a thousand words”. To share in their fun, see page 52.



Missing Issues

Although we have not had a lot of members with missing AVMs, we would like to let you know the procedure for those of you who do not get your magazines in a timely manner. The magazine is usually mailed, by BULK MAIL, by the last week of the month prior to the issue date. Once it leaves our local mailing facility there are many factors that can affect the arrival of your magazine. These are completely out of our control. If you feel you have missed your magazine, please follow the steps below and we will send you a replacement copy.

- Make sure expiration date has not expired.
- Make sure your address is correct with our records.
- With so many different factors, please wait until the 20th of the issue date to notify the office for your replacement.
- Once the office is notified, we will mail you a replacement via First Class mail.

Please contact the office by email avsa@earthlink.net or phone (844) 400-2872(AVSA) with any questions.

Online Indices

This website contains an online index of the African Violet Magazine with Authors,  Titles & Subjects. The following link takes you to a page where you can list the contents, alphabetically for any year back to 1947.  All past issues of the African Violet Magazine are in our database.


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