New Introduction Leaves

How would you like to have a total of thirty-two (yes, 32), New Introduction leaves to share with friends, your club, or just to enjoy for yourself? Pat Hancock details how you can obtain New Introductions from some of AVSA's best commercial hybridizers.  Click here to read the article.

Current Issue


January – February 2017

On the cover: 
Standard variety: Buckeye Nostalgia – 2nd Best in Show and Best Standard
   at the Albuquerque AVSA Convention

Hybridized by: Pat Hancock

Exhibited by: Kurt Jablonski
Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky
It’s 2017 and we are off on another exciting year of growing African violets and Gesneriads. Hopefully, the African Violet Magazine will prove to be one of your favorite references and provide a source of inspiration for you through its articles and beautiful color photographs.
Reading the magazine helps you keep up on the latest hybrids and see the new introductions being offered to the public before you see them in shows; read about new soil mixes - what’s hot as far as watering and additives; and garner information to improve and perhaps simplify this amazing hobby for your benefit.
This year the AVSA convention and show "Florida: Gateway to the Tropics" will be held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort Hotel in sunny, warm Orlando Florida May 28 – June 4. You can explore what is being offered including some fun tours in greater detail by clicking ‘Conventions’ on the AVSA home page header.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the magazine, I’d enjoy hearing from you.
Happy growing!

Sue Hoffmann, Publications Chairman
Delving into the current issue of our AVM, you’ll enjoy reading:
  • “Small Talk” Columnist Laurel Goretsky offers an inside look at the miniature and semiminiature exhibits from the AVSA convention in Albuquerque. BJ Ohme of Lincoln, Nebraska won Best African Violet on a Commercial Display table with “Windsome”, a semidouble medium blue blossom with a white edge, medium green, plain foliage. This plant was displayed in a miniature collection with “Jolly Ace” and “Rob’s Gum Bubble”. Commercial Best New Cultivar was won by Kathy Hajner from Peralta, NM with her Semiminiature “K’s Salsarita” and Second Best New Cultivar with semiminiature “K’s Pink Agate”.  Read more about the small winners on page 8.
  • “Report from Persia: Cyclamen mite, miticide and chimera plants” Parviz Parvin Mehr, who operates Parissa Greenhouses in Persia had an unfortunate experience finding cyclamen mites in their greenhouse. They went through three rounds of treatment with the miticide Bayer Spirodiclofen sc 24%. They sprayed and then immersed the collection which totaled 20,000 African violets! Months later, many chimeras had developed in their open stock. Of the forty-one chimeras they have worked with, twelve are single or semidouble stick-tight, the others dropped their blossoms. This is an interesting article describing the effects of chemicals on plant tissue. A worthwhile read on page 10.
  • “Violet Magic - Eight Tips For Successful Repotting” Kent and Joyce Stork share eight important tips for successful repotting when growing African violets. These include using the correct size pot, the right potting mix, not packing the soil mix, how much to disturb the roots and when it’s good to use clear plastic bags. These are all things that make a difference in the long run, but few of us give them much thought when we’re repotting. See page 23 for the full story.
  • “When will I Learn? Maybe this time?” In this photo documented article, Barbara Werness describes going through the realization that a grower may not always be able to diagnose what’s making their plants sick. She was losing plants at an alarming rate. They were drying up from the outer leaves in to the crown. She treated for Rhizoctonia root fungus to no avail and finally after getting a culture done at the local university her problem was identified as Pythium fungus which she was able to treat. Barbara says, “Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act immediately if you see a problem … get them diagnosed”. You can see the problems and find out about the happy ending beginning on page 52.

January/February 2017 issue
Additions: On page 25 “Jolly Mars” is a miniature and “Jolly Star” is a semiminiature.
“Jolly Andrea” page 33, is a semiminiature.

Corrections: “Rob’s Scrumptious” on page 13 should be listed as a semiminiature.
“LE Prekrasnaia Kreolka” on page 47 is a standard variety.



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