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Question: I really need help with my African violets. The leaves suddenly become soft and kind of watery. My African Violets have been in front of a bright window for almost a year but it is the first time I see something like that.  Read more ...

Answer: It appears to me that your plants are suffering from heat shock. This can happen this time of year when the sunlight comes straight into windows that face either directly east or west. At the same time, you may not have the fully-leafed-out trees or shrubs to filter the light. If you get just one brilliant very warm day this time of year, a lot of damage can happen quickly. You should remove all of the soft watery leaves immediately, making sure to get the entire leaf cleanly away from the main stem. Leaving them provides a pathway for bacteria to enter the plant. Over the next month, you will want to continue to remove leaves that are showing any damage. If you can spread out the removal of the leaves over many days you will be stimulating the plants to grow more quickly and make a faster recovery.

Happy Growing!

Joyce Stork

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