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Question: I put my African violet outside to get some light. I forgot it, and now the leaves are burned. Some are limp. Is there any way of saving them?

Answer: How sad that it got forgotten! African violets really tend to do best left in one good bright location, so it really isn't necessary to try to move them around. The burned and wilted leaves should be removed promptly. Those leaves will not recover and could allow bacteria or fungus to enter the plant if left in place. You may find that you are removing a lot of leaves! You will be okay as long as the center most leaves are still firm and fresh. You will find that the plant will begin to grow very quickly once those leaves are gone which is its way to survive. You may have a neck under the leaves once you have cleaned it up. If so, wait a few weeks to give the plant time to stabilize, then transplant it following the directions in the article on Repotting on the AVSA web site.

Happy Growing!

Joyce Stork

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