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May-June 2015

Cover photo: Tineki – Standard chimera


Exhibited by: Richard Nicholas

Hybridized by: Humako  Photo credit: Winston J. Goretsky


African violet buzz this month is the AVSA 2015 convention. “See you in Kansas City! May 24th – May 31st” is a last minute planner with things to do and see in Kansas City. Did you know it’s called the “City of Fountains”? Page25

Also, look for these other articles and tips in the current African Violet Magazine:


  • Columnist Mary Schaeffer offers an in-depth account of what to do before and after an African violet order arrives on your doorstep. How you acclimate your plants will truly help them thrive. Page 22


  • “TLC and Trailing African Violets” by Ruth Coulson talks about growing trailers in natural light plus the benefits of regular care and grooming. She offers secrets for award winning trailers. Page 30


  • Neil Lipson’s “Violets are not Humans” is an interesting look at life’s requirements: water, light, humidity, food and temperature for humans and plants. He analyzes fertilizers and nutrients.  As always, Neil gives his readers interesting ideas to ponder. Page 44


  • Designer Betty Ferguson gives some great insight in “Bottle Gardens Made Simple”. If you’ve ever considered making a bottle garden, this is a valuable article answering a lot of questions. Page 49


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