AVSA Committees

Chair contact
Affiliate Mel Grice affiliate@avsa.org
AVM Advertising Cindi Nofziger advertising@avsa.org
AVM Editor Ruth Rumsey editor@avsa.org
Commercial Lynn Lombard commercials@avsa.org
Convention Kathy Lahti convention@avsa.org
Convention Show Awards Judith M. Carter awards@avsa.org
Internet Barb Burde internet@avsa.org
Library Anne Nicholas library@avsa.org
Membership & Promotion Joyce Stork memberpromo@avsa.org
Plant Registration & Master Plant List Joseph Bruns registration@avsa.org
Policies & Procedures Dr. Elmer K Godeny pandp@avsa.org
Publications Lynn Wilson publications@avsa.org
Shows and Judges Bill Foster judges@avsa.org
Ways & Means Glenda Williams waysandmeans@avsa.org

Elected Directors

AVSA elected directors are elected by the AVSA Membership and serve for 3 years.  Directors act as liaison between the Board of Directors and AVSA members, especially those members in their geographic area. The current elected directors are listed here.

State or Province eMail Term
CA Diane Miller director11@avsa.org Serve through 2017
MI Steve Turner director13@avsa.org Serve through 2017
NE BJ Ohme director12@avsa.org Serve through 2017
NJ Paula Bal director10@avsa.org Serve through 2017
TX Glenda Williams director14@avsa.org Serve through 2017
AZ Candace Baldwin director17@avsa.org Serve through 2018
FL Mary Lou Harden director21@avsa.org Serve through 2016
IL Joe Bruns registration@avsa.org Serve through 2018
KS Susan K. Hill director22@avsa.org Serve through 2016
MN Carol Semrau director19@avsa.org Serve through 2018
OH Debbie McInnis director16@avsa.org Serve through 2018
ON Lorna Russell director23@avsa.org Serve through 2016
PA Joan Santino director24@avsa.org Serve through 2016
TX Penny Smith-Kerker director18@avsa.org Serve through 2018
WA Robert A Clark director20@avsa.org Serve through 2016

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